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IQ Retail solutions are fully integrated from POS through to General Ledger with the business sites ranging from complex 250+ store sites to single site businesses, with basic accounting and business process needs. Our software fits into all the major sectors of the market. We offer true retail integration and we are seen as one of the leading fully integrated systems in our base country, South Africa. We currently also have a user base in other parts of Africa, Australia and in some European countries.

IQ Retail also specializes in developing custom/bespoke systems to meet the specific needs of corporate clients and franchise stores.
We offer a comprehensive range of integrated software that not only competes with the global brands but also, we find, beats them hands down in many functional areas.


  • IQ Business is Business/Accounting software which has been developed according to the latest trends in business management and accounting needs

  • IQ Enterprise (mid range integrated ERP) is for those companies that have greater demands when it comes to financial reporting and functionality and includes the very best in new business development and company consolidation.


  • IQ 2000 is a modular based accounting and point of sale system, which allows the system to grow as your business grows. It is available as a basic (limited add-on modules) or full system, and caters for SME market.


  • IQ Restaurant (incl. touch screen POS) and Hospitality are also available.

  • IQ Free POS and IQ POS are for those who are only in need of a Point of Sale system.  


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- No annual  software licence fee.

- Very easy to use

- User definable hardware setup.

- User definable menus

- Stock control

- Basic recipe stock control.

- Sit in, Take out  options.

- Orders to Kitchen printer.

- Tab Feature

- Barcode Scanning

- Daily and weekly or monthly reports

- Item sales and Gp% reporting

- Happy hour  by Time

- Customer display option

- Scale link for fruitand veg/ butchery applications

- Link to max 8 workstations

- Designed  ideally for bars, nightclubs, fast food and Retail outlets.





The QT6100 is Casio’s new flagship touch screen hospitality system. A large touch panel with flexible connectivity and stable integrity permits easy operation and improves speed and efficiency for most businesses in the hospitality environment.
- High Resolution 12.1” Colour LCD Touch Screen
- Durable touch screen interface for speed and flexibility
- Robust case with sturdy small footprint
- Apply graphical icons for menu items
- Access different menus quickly
- External Kitchen printing options
- Access quest checks from any terminal
- Multiple price levels- scheduler function
- Advanced network capabilities
- Advanced clerk  control and reporting
- Clerk sign-on dallas key option
- Powerful and easy table tracking with graphical interface
- Linked pull-downs for compulsory or optional cooking instructions
- Flash Card Technology- secure backups
- Ideal for Restaurants, QSR, Bars  etc..

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PAR EverServ® PixelPoint®

PAR EverServ® PixelPoint® POS software is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts from quick service to table service. PixelPoint is a flexible and customizable software that adapts to your business rather than forcing you to change your processes.

Industry Leading Flexibility –
PixelPoint is easy to customize and configure to fit your operations. It has the ability to manage multiple restaurant concepts and multiple ordering methods (counter, mobile, online,catering, drive-thru, etc.). Key flexible design features include:

Fully Customizable Branding –
Template based UI designer makes it easy to brand your screen layouts with your color scheme, logos and preferences. You can also modify labels, buttons and placement to match your concept’s terminology.
PixelPoint is designed for you.

Kitchen Video System –
PixelPoint works with multiple kitchen video display vendors to improve the food preparation process. Video displays are easy to read and track orders, eliminate potential problems caused by printer jams or paper falling off the holder, and provide enhanced reporting capabilities.

Efficient Order Flow –
PixelPoint’s intelligent order flow and intuitive screen layouts enable you to customize the user interface to suit your logical customer order process and the “display at once” feature lists all questions & options on the display at once to accelerate your order process and sales.
PixelPoint is easily customized for your order process.

Inventory Management –
PixelPoint includes a built-ininventory management feature that allows you to trackand manage food costs.
PixelPoint helps manage food costs.

Auto Combo up-sells –
As items are ordered, PixelPoint automatically recognizes potential combos and uses suggestive selling pop-up buttons to ensure employees never miss the opportunity to up-sell a combo.
PixelPoint sets you up for success.

Digital Customer Interactions –
PixelPoint supports digital selling and marketing tools that enable you to design compelling up-sell and cross-sell promotions including order confirmations, customer-facing displays
and digital menu boards.
PixelPoint is your digital sales force.


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